Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey everyone!!!

I have 2 companions!!! 

So Kartchner Shimai emergency transferred to Okazaki on Thursday and now we are a 3 some companionship (san nin). I seriously don’t know if I have ever had this much fun in my life. I love Oda Shimai and Garrett Shimai sooooo much. Oda Shimai is from Cleveland/Akron area of OHIO!!!! Medina?! Crazy right?!?!?  It is where we lived when I was little. I love Oda and Garrett Shimai soooo much. Every day is total and complete happiness. We are having so much fun. I seriously love it. Garrett Shimai is from Kaysville!

It is so awesome and we are working so hard and really helping each other to be the best missionaries we can be. We laugh seriously 24/7.  Oda shimai is transfer 10 and Garrett Shimai is transfer 5. I am still the STL with Oda Shimai so we call Garrett Shimai the honorary sister training leader. hahaha. So basically, I love it. I start the mission with a san nin in the MTC and end with a san nin. I always told myself that a san nin would be the worst thing that could ever happen again to me on my mission, but it just shows that  God knows better than I do because I love these shimai soooo much. It is also hilarious because you know how I was really sick and what not?  So Garrett Shimai has been having stomach problems her whole life and Oda Shimai was getting really sick last transfer so I told them that they should try eating no gluten with me! Well whadda ya know. They have and since they have stopped eating it both of their stomach problems have totally gone away! What are the odds that God decided to put us three together? Seriously too good. All of the members honestly can’t believe it, but it definitely makes it easier to follow with all 3 of us going through the same thing. The only thing is we don’t have anyone to eat the wheat products when we receive them. We are making good use of the Elders. 

We have had almost daily contact with Kobayashi San. Last week, when we taught him about the prophet and the apostles and he literally stood up because he was so excited and he grabbed the picture and ran over to the member and said “have you seen this before?!?!  Look Okaasan look!.” It was seriously the cutest thing ever. He read something from the Book of Mormon that had some hard things written and so he called me Sunday night and said he needs time and he was saying all of these things and fears that he was going through. We tried to talk things through, but we have a lesson with him tomorrow. So hopefully it will help him. Satan is seriously attacking him and working on him so much, but I know that so is God. He will provide a way. It is going to be hard to get him baptized next week, but I feel peace and have faith that it will work out. Because we combined all the people we are teaching, we are soooo crazy busy. It was so busy on Saturday that we couldn’t do any of our studies or lunch or dinner. We are exhausted, and seriously don’t have time, but we are making it work! 

I love our Savior so much. He loves us enough to help us change, to let us choose, and to be infinitely strengthened through his mercy and love. I love the gospel so much. I also love talking to people and all the crazy experiences we are having. Only one month left and I will give everything I have. 

Crofts Shimai. 
Oda Shimai is wearing glasses and Garrett Shimai has shorter hair.. We are having so much fun together!

Our san nin with 2 other shimais
Interesting views from Japan

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