Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014


It has been a good week and I love Yokkaichi 四日市 and Moore姉妹 so much! I have been feeling a lot better and it has been great to just be able to push through and work. 

Monday our appointments cancelled and so we went housing and mainly did some streeting. As we were trying to talk to everyone on the street I was honestly just blown away by how rude everyone was to us. It was unbelievable how many people we tried to talk to and then how many of the people didn`t even LOOK at us or respond to us. One lady rolled her eyes at me as I tried to talk to her. Hahaha they all must be grumpy from the rain or something?? 

There was an 18 year old girl that we met by the church who we met with on Tuesday and we were so surprised that she came. We gave her a tour of the church and when she saw the baptismal font she said that it was like a dream she had and that she wants to draw it. She also talked about how much she wanted the things we were talking about; to become a new person and be totally clean and at peace. We taught her lesson one and she absolutely loved it. She said that she has prayed to God so many times and she thinks that there is a God in each of us because she feels it. When we talked about the Spirit and that is what she feels and we can feel the love of God through it she said  "oh my... yeah!!!" She was so excited to learn about Christianity and stuff and then she said she couldn`t ever go to church and that she wouldn`t be able to meet until MARCH... Me and moore shimai were like noooo wayyyy. Japanese students are busy like nobody I have ever seen. She lives really far from us, but if we ride our bikes out there I think we can meet. She is so awesome and just needs to be able to come to church!!! 

We went and visited someone who hasn`t been coming to church. It has been like 3 months since we have met and before that I met her every single week. She has gotten busy with her job and since then she married/divorced a man from India.  She really loves the Sikh religion and teachings. I think she likes it because of the way it is similar to Mormonism in the Christ like attributes and stuff. She talked about how she has felt dark since we haven`t been meeting and through meeting with us she is able to feel light in her heart again. She is so cute and she KNOWS how important the gospel is and through living it we can be happy. She just works on Sundays and so it is so hard that she can`t come to church. 

The school, the work field and the word "busy" is basically Satan`s way of keeping everyone away from meeting with us. He sure knows what he is doing. I pray so much that people can understand how important this message is and that when they hear it, they can feel something. I know how much it can bless them and how much happier it can make them. I am trying with everything I can to give everything, to be consecrated and to be diligent until the end. I know that Satan doesn`t want me to finish strong and I have really felt how real he is working on me.  It gives me such a strong desire to just work. Also, can I just tell you how grateful I am for the priesthood? It truly is one of the most precious gifts and powers we have. I received a priesthood blessing last week, and wow... it talked about how as God looks down on me every day and sees my faith and works, He smiles. It said that my mission has blessed the lives of thousands of people. I was so touched and just weaped as I heard that. I can honestly say, I am giving everything to God, but it isn`t anything in comparison to what God has given me. I love this gospel. 

Crofts Shimai 

Kokan with Samowitz Shimai. We had so much fun. I love her.

Our district plus the assistants

Isn't Japan beautiful

Subarukan has been obsessed with flags lately and he used the Portuguese BOM.  Ha ha so funny and he was so proud.  His Dad is studying to help translate for the Brazilians & Peruvians in the ward. 

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