Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

So, it has been such an awesome week. I love love love love love love Oda Shimai. She is so awesome and I honestly couldn`t be more stoked about this transfer!  I am way lucky to be her companion.  I also love the shimai in our area we have so much fun together!!!  We have been working with Kobayashi san a lot this week. He would call all the time to just ask questions and tell us how he is feeling. Right now he still isn’t sure if he is ready to be baptized on September 28th. He won’t pray and ask God if this is really true and if this is what he needs.  We fasted for him again on Sunday and prayed so much that his heart would be touched at church. It blew my mind because every single talk, every hymn, was so directed for him and several of his concerns were totally answered throughout church. We are praying so hard for him and we actually called him this morning and talked to him for an hour trying to understand how he feels and what is preventing him from praying to god. I think he honestly knows that it is true, just if he prays to God he knows he will receive an answer. Which means he has to act soon!  I have faith that things will work out for him. We are doing everything we possibly can for him. All we can do is just leave it up to God!  After church he saw some members cleaning the church and next thing I know he is just taking a vacuum out of the closet and helping everyone clean. Hahaha I love him so much. He is already trying to figure out what he will do when I go back to America. Thank goodness for skype! 

Last week Mika called me because she was so scared I would transfer. She said that she is so grateful I am not transferring because she needs a picture of me smiling to be the screensaver on her phone. She says I have the face of an angel and that there is a halo glowing over my head. She is so cute. She says she needs a picture of my smile so she can remember to always be happy and positive and make the best of every situation. She said she wants to be like me. Also, Mika had a vision that Japanese Jesus appeared to her while she was being healed by some universal power. Of course he was wearing a kimono. She thinks it is her direction and what not. We are going back with the couple missionaries Elder & Sister Warner next time! We met Kuzuno san who is 70 year old man and when we met him he just said "you have a face like god." It keeps surprising me so much that people say that. Of course I am 110 percent happy because we are working so hard and I love the Savior, but I don`t realize that other people notice. 

Well interesting story for this week.. When we asked a woman if she thought god was there, she said yes!!! I pray to the toilet God, the bath God and the tree God every single day.  I was a little bit shocked. Also there were a few people we stopped to talk to that were so scared of us they were shaking and I honestly thought this one girl was going to pass out over dead because she was so scared of me. I am sorry that I am a gaijin and have to wear a helmet and ride around on a bike and stop you!! There were also women who jumped and would make a giant x with their arms and run away. Here we are smiling, and asking them how they are and talking about God and eternal families and they are terrified of us. It is awesome that me and Oda Shimai have so much fun together because we always just have to laugh it off!  She is SUCH an awesome companion. 

Last week, we went to leadership training on Friday in Nagoya and it was so awesome to really come together as a mission and focus on how we can strengthen our faith to help people be baptized this month. We are going to work so hard to show God that he can trust us! 

I lovvvvve being here so much!!!  I love our Savior and I am so grateful for the power of prayer. That God would care about me enough to listen to and answer my prayers. We come home at night and feel like we have to crawl into bed because we are so tired. Oda shimai & I totally give each other massages every night to keep us going. It is awesome. 伝道は大好きです。頑張りましょう


Oda Shimai & I riding all the way out to Komono Chou
I will miss Moore Shimai & Cunha Shimai so much.  Cunha Shimai was just bawling at the Nagoya Eki when we had to say goodbye to each other.  Moore Shimai is transferring to Nagano, my first area.  I will miss them.
Mikami Shimai is leaving our zone.

The moon is so bright over the cemetary
So beautiful

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  1. Hey there, Crofts Shimai's family! My sister is excited to be your daughter's newest companion. I know my family loves seeing any kind of photo of our missionary and, since I'm sure you feel the same way, I thought I'd link you to her missionary blog: