Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014


おはようございます!!!! Helllloooooooo.... So I got a really bad cold last week.  I honestly felt so sick, but I took lots of medicine and I am feeling a lot better right now.  Wednesday I was really sick all day, then we went to eikaiwa and I was able to receive a priesthood blessing. When Suzuki Shimai showed up to eikaiwa, she just looked at me and said no way.  She turned completely mom on me, started feeling for my fever, checking my medicine and made me go home.  When I finally got home, I was just sitting there and next thing I know Suzuki Shimai comes walking through the door with all these things to help me feel better. She goes into our kitchen, makes this cool ice pillow, and starts taking my temperature... Oh my it was seriously the cutest thing ever. She like tucked me in bed and everything! hahaha. She was so worried and concerned and I can`t even express how much love and gratitude I have for her.  I am so grateful she is here to be my missionary mom. :) I ended up losing about 3 kilos (6 pounds) in 3 days, so I was pretty sick. 

Even though I wasn`t feeling too great for the majority of the week, we had SUCH a great week and I have a lot of things I am grateful for.  There were two people that we met on the street by one of the member’s houses that were able to come to church!  One was American, and it was so great to be able to speak to him in English. His friend was Japanese and she had never been to a church before (not to mention a Christian church). When he asked if they could go together she said "sure, what is Easter?"  They don`t know what Easter is in Japan! Nobody! hahaha. As we were sitting in sacrament meeting, the sacrament started to come around and she freaked out and said "what is this?! What am I supposed to do!?"  Throughout church, she just was in complete and total shock.  Every element of it was such a culture shock for her.  Fortunately, Aso Shimai was such a good primary teacher and is really good and explaining things simply, and my Japanese is as simple as you can get, so we were able to try and help her as we ganbarued through church together.  I don`t know if she will come to church again, but at least we were able to help her understand that God lives, we are God`s children, and Jesus Christ is our Savior! 

There are 2 weeks left in the transfer and I think that I might transfer this next one.  I have been in Kariya for 5 transfers and I am sooooo lucky.  Also, can I just tell you... Sister Aso is like 100% afraid of the sun. Most people are so stoked when it is sunny and warm, but she hides from it. Hahaha she is going to die in the summer. Absolutely. 

Well, I love you! Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!

Arm Wrestling Kana kun.  He is so cute.
He arm wrestled me non-stop after dinner
Buddist Temple off the highway
Cookies made by a girl in our ward
Easter candy hunt for a FHE with the Nomuras. Kana kun was running as fast as he could to get all the candy. I thought it was typical behavior of a little boy, but after he had an armful of candy he brought me a piece and shared with every person in the room. I thought that it was such a beautiful example of christlike love and service. To work so hard to give everything to others:) 
Sakura tea with flecks of gold in it. Is that not the fanciest thing you've ever seen? It looks nicer than it tasted. 
Okazaki Zone:) 

We went to this game place with Suzuki Shimai and her friend from America. Bet you never saw a sister with a swing that good? Aso shimai is hilarious.

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