Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014


It has been another super busy week and I am just grateful.  It is coming towards the end of the transfer and me and Sister Silva only have two weeks left together. I am living up every moment I have with her.  I sure am going to miss her.  I have learned so much with her! Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see 野村兄弟 Brother Nomura baptized.  It was crazy because it was only his second time coming to church and after the meeting he was baptized.  This last week, we have been going to their house a lot so that we could prepare him and help him to understand the gospel.  He had known absolutely nothing about the church or Jesus Christ a little over a week ago and now he has a strong desire to live the commandments and to follow Jesus Christ.  Initially, we had planned for next week, but the family really wanted him to be baptized yesterday, so the bishop and Presdient Yamashita 山下 okayed it.  I had the opportunity to speak at his baptism and the whole ward was there.  He is so happy to be together with his family and to be pure and clean.  He couldn`t stop smiling yesterday.  I think one of the coolest moments in my life happened last Saturday when we had finished all of the lessons for 野村兄弟 Brother Nomura's baptism and he was just ready to be baptized.  So I said that in a year from now you can be sealed together as a family for eternity!!! The Spirit was so strong and we all felt it.  野村姉妹 Sister Nomura was so happy and she was honestly crying the entire baptism.  What a cool blessing for this family! He has such a strong desire to bless his family and I was so grateful to see the change that happened in his heart.  It sure strengthened my testimony.  Sister 野村 Sister Nomura is on fire and she is introducing us to so many friends and neighbors who might have an interest in the church. I love her soooooo much. I had the opportunity to speak during his baptism and I used the visual that Nana always did for our baptisms. 

It is amazing to see the way the gospel changes us.  One of the people we are teaching has such a strong desire to feel the peace and happiness that comes through baptism and the gospel. We had a fast for her and called to see if she was able to receive an answer about what she needed to do so she could be baptized.  She said that she hadn`t, but she felt peace and she was reading in the Book of Mormon earlier so that she could find an answer. How cool is that?!?!  She is trying hard and we know that as she recognizes and feel`s God`s love for her she will be able to change. Goll, I love her so much.

Last week I got a gnarly case of food poisoning. (or maybe it was the flu? I have no idea) I was seriously sooooo sick. I think I may have an allergy to nutmeg? (I got it at about 1 o clock in the morning the night after eating this curry rice with nutmeg in it) Anyway, I was in the bathroom all night and morning. It was coming out any possible way and it was sooooo painful. Sorry I realize it is maybe too much info, but I really need you to sympathize with me.

Well, I am so grateful for my Savior and the REAL and LASTING happiness that comes from the gospel! The church is true!


クロフツ姉妹より Sister Crofts

Nomura Kyoudai was baptized yesterday. What a Miracle!
I love my companion
Suzuki San and her family
Mochi Party as a ward
Kamiya san

Companionship goals;)
Yakiniku with Mayumi and Malom:)

Brother Nomura and Kenchan:)

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