Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hellooooooooo... Happy SPRING!!!  The weather is getting so much nicer here.  There was one day where we only needed a light coat last week and we were so excited that we ate ice cream. Hahaha.  Then of course, the next day it was pouring rain and ridiculously windy.  We wanted to go really far in our area, but after 15 minutes of just trying to ganbaru through we looked at each other and came to the conclusion that we were reaching borderline insanity and that even though we were missionaries.  God would not protect us for being stupid.  So we made other plans.  It has really been just another awesome week and I love being here with Aso 姉妹.  There was also an earthquake the other night around 2 in the morning.  Of course, I sleep through just about everything but I started sleep talking.  I said something to Sister Aso in Japanese.  What is happening?... she said in English: earthquake, I said 怖い(scary).. Then in English she said scary. The next morning I had absolutely no idea about it, but I guess we just completely switched languages.  Hahaha she is trying to learn English too! 

We tried really hard to find people that are ready to hear the gospel last week.  We gave out a bunch of Book of Mormons through talking to people on the street.  They didn`t have any interest, but I always get so excited because I know that every Book of Mormon has a miracle that will follow somewhere down the line.  We had an appointment Wednesday morning with someone and they weren`t home so we were kind of bummed out.  We have been so busy that we are starting to get a little bit behind on our training, so I thought "okay, well let`s go back and do our training."  However, as we started riding our bikes, this overcoming feeling came into my heart that we needed to go and visit the Nomura family.  I was so surprised because we had just visited them the other day, but that feeling was so powerful and strong I didn`t dare return home. So as we were on our way to their home, I saw a woman in the park with her little baby.  I saw her and was about to pass, but then I realized. Of course! We need to talk to her.  So we put our bikes away and went and approached her.  We started to talk about eternal families and she just started smiling so big.  When we asked her what she thinks about it she just kept saying how suteki the idea is.  We ended up teaching her the entire plan of salvation on the street and we are going to meet with her again this week. If I hadn`t listened to that feeling, we wouldn`t have found her.  Then we went to the Nomura home and as we were putting our bikes away we had the opportunity to meet one of Nomura Shimai’s friends who honestly introduced herself to us.  It was so crazy how listening to one little prompting brought so many miracles. 

As we have been teaching lessons or inviting people to listen to the gospel, I honestly can`t believe how strong we are feeling the Spirit.  We had one lesson last week where we were all almost in tears because of how powerfully we felt the Spirit.  God`s love is that real and we have the opportunity to feel that every single day.  I love this gospel sooooo much.  I think my favorite things about being a missionary is the infinite love you feel, and the Spirit and power you feel as you teach. Well, have an awesome week!  Love youuuuuuu.  The church is true! 

Sister Crofts

Sister Crofts & Sister Aso

Your challenge: read this and figure out where you're supposed to go. 

Happy Spring
I obsess over momo chan. 
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