Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24,2014

Hello everyone! 

So it has been a crazy busy week.  We had transfer calls and I am staying another transfer in Kariya with Sister Aso.  I am sooooo happy!!!!!  Every day it is unreal how much more Japanese I understand and how much it is improving.  We speak in Japanese all day long and I think the constant headache I have has just become part of who I am.  Hahaha me and Aso Shimai are having such a good time and I love her sooooo much. 

Right now, we are again having the problem of finding people who we can teach who are ready to hear more about the gospel!  We are talking to as many people as we can just trying to find people who will listen.  Whenever we bike or walk, we always pull over for the person walking "KONNICHIWA." Hahaha.  We are trying so harddddd.  But the miracles will come!  We are working hard and doing our best and I really don`t know what God could ask for.  Last Tuesday, we went to Handa by bike, so that we could visit some of the members out there.  We ended up riding about 55 kilometers (Sorry I don`t know miles anymore).  We had some cool experiences being out so far testifying to people about Jesus Christ.  The only thing that is hard is they live so far away that coming to church is kind of impossible.  There is this huge bridge that we have to cross in order to get to Handa.  You know how I almost started crying every time we crossed the bridges in the car?  As we approached the bridge, I started to cross it, a little bit nervous but not really phased by it. (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) then I realized I should turn around to check for Aso Shimai... hahhaha. There she was, feet before the bridge shaking in absolute terror.  I think we were there for 5 minutes just trying to get up the guts to cross the bridge.  So finally I said 1,2,3, GO and she just starts screaming at the top of her lungs and riding as fast as she possibly can so that it could just be over.  Hahahaha there were birds flying everywhere, weird looks from people around, but she did it!  It was absolutely hilarious. 

It got a little bit warmer for a day or two and then became absolutely freezing again. We were out housing and talking to people on the street and as we went to ring the doorbell our hands were seriously shaking and our bodies trembling because we were so cold.  We weren`t able to find anyone who wanted to hear more, but I always think it is a miracle when we can give out a Book of Mormon, or talk about Jesus Christ or eternal families for the first time.  We thought we were going to die because it was so cold, but miraculously we didn`t catch a cold!  YAYYYY. Tender mercy. 

I wish I had more time to tell you about the amazing things that happened this week, but I don`t have time! All I can say is that I am soooo grateful. 

This church is true! 

Sister Crofts

Crossing the bridge to Handa

Kokan with Ishida Shimai! Seika chan, Miyuki Shimai, 
Our District
Absolutely Freezing
Relief Society Activity.  I Love this Ward

The Asakawa family
The Nomuras 
Apples form the members:) 
I LOVE THIS. hahahaha
Yamamoto Shimai was so happy. She was shocked to have missionaries ride all the way out to her house. 
Iwanaga Shimai! We visited her and the Asakawas and drove home at dark in the rain. 

Brazilian with Mayumi and Malom. I love them:) 
Indo Curry 

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