Sunday, November 16, 2014

My last week in the mission field FLEW by. I never imagined I would be at this point and Oda Shimai had to keep reminding me I was going home my last transfer. I didn't pack until the day before I went to the honbu because I just didn't want to be trunky and didn't want to waste any time.  It was crazy busy visiting people until the very end. I couldn't have been more lucky or blessed. We had so many people to visit and so much to do that it couldn't have been more overwhelming. I


The knife fell and almost hit Oda Shimai's foot while she was cooking dinner.
Kozaki Shimai made us incredible gluten free treats again!!
Driving with Yamashiro Kyoudai and Nishino Shimai to visit people. We went to a Okinawa store because Yamashiro Kyoudai is from Okinawa and loves it. We visited his sister and his mom, who were both super nice. Then we visited two of the Peruvian sisters who are just the most loving people in the world. (her hugs are magical) and then saw Takagi Shimai.
He bought us sukiya! (the massive ones) and we went back to eat at Nishino Shimai's cute house. 
There was as typhoon... So the honbu told us that we weren't supposed to leave the apartment. He drove us back and it was so dangerous.
Absolutely dripping wet from riding back. Me and Oda SHimai were screaming because the wind was so strong while we were riding. Hahaha so funny, but absolutely dangerous.l
These bikes are hilarious. It's amazing how much people travel by bike in Japan. 
Yogenkai 預言

Our district- Elder Lazaro, Ahlstrong, Jo, Kahlpert, Shu, Gacillan, Me and Oda Shimai.
Hahaha we found this in the nursery.
ELder Lazaro's wild side.
Beautiful oterra on the way back from Tanaka San's house.
Tonteki with chan, bishop fujita and the elders. She got lost on the way to the church from her house, so we had to try and find her. hahaa it was seriously hilarious.
Famous Yokkaichi Tonteki!
Oda Shimai,. me, Gacillan Chourou, Lazaro Chourou at Yokkaichi church. 
Shizue san <3 We taught her every monday night at 8 pm. 30 minutes of english and 30 minutes of church stuff. She is protestant.
THE CUTEST. Chi chan.

Yuna chan. She is the cutest girl I have ever seen.
Yuna chan tormenting Oda Shimai while teaching a lesson to her mom.

I love this family.
Amazing... I accomplished my mission dreams. <3
The end result!!
Last night with everyone and the Yamashitas.
President Yamashita sang for us. <3
Kaeru doki shimaitachi! Stremcha, Braithwaite, Yamashita, Anderson, Cox, Averell, Me, Culotta, Fredrickson Shimai

WE DID IT!!! Our MTC groupy. Only thinmg missing is sweet Grant and Micky Shimai.
Dinner with the Yamashitas! Ahhhh I love them. She made everything gluten free so I could eat it. <3

Checking out the mission OYM video before we head out!
 My morning in the mission home was the weirdest feeling.. I didn't really feel like my family was coming. When I saw them walk through the door my heart just dropped through my stomach. Heather had gotten so big! it was the most beautiful moment. I couldn't let go of heather.

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