Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Dear Family... こんにちは!!!

今主は楽しい方です。私の伝道は大好きです。Loving the mission. I am way sad because Kawai Shimai is transfering to Kasugai. I am staying in Yokkaichi and Sister Moore (from Roy Utah) is coming to be sister training leaders together. She is awesome and I am way excited to work hard:)  This little family loves us visiting them and when we went to saw them this week their 5 year old son asked us- “shimaitachi have you met God and Jesus Christ???”  When we said no he was a little surprised but it is absolutely the cutest how much he looks up to us. There is a girl from Nepal that we are teaching that we met this week.  She talked about how in her country if you do anything wrong you can`t pray to God so she hasn’t been praying for a long time. However, when we talked to her about how you CAN pray to God and He loves you regardless of your mistakes she LOVED IT. She is coming to church this Sunday with her younger sister!!!

Also, Jessa`s daughter, sakura chan, is the cutest thing and she calls me and Kawai shimai `big sister.` There was a referral we contacted who had just moved into her home a few months ago. She is from China, but doesn`t have a lot of friends and was SO EXCITED for us to come, and begged us to come back to their home. I LOVE HER. We also taught this guy who was saying he has already broke the law of chastity and he is too far gone. He understands how waiting until you are married to have sex is important, but it is too late for him. I LOVED being able to talk about the atonement with him. He is such a great kid and I know that as he learns more he will find greater value in himself. Oh! So we were walking along the street and these little 13 year old boys start talking to us. One ended up being pretty okay at simple English and asked if we are from America. We asked if he knew where Utah was and he said yes. Then we asked him if he knew what was famous in Utah. All he said was "sex." Hahahahaha. We were so shocked he knew that word and we left soon after that.  

I also got a punk (flat) tire this week, my tire completely wore out ( I guess that is what happens when you ride your bike every day for a year) so I had to blow a lot of money on a new tire. I get up super early every morning so I can go running. I am trying to lose 20-40 lbs. Thankssssss. This is a short e-mail this week. But basically, I am meeting some of the most awesome people every single day. Missions are hard. I am stoked for the next adventure. 

Sister Crofts & Sister Kawai

I killed a fly with my quick hands

I love them. Jessa & Sakurachan

Popped Tire

Our District

My favorite Family

Basically someone from every country: Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, USA (Oklahoma, Utah, California). So fun!
This is a way awesome bus that comes every morning to pick up the kids in front of our apartment
Tonteki, a yummy Japanese restaurant

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