Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NOVEMBER 18, 2013


Hello everyone! 

I have AWESOME news: I am staying in Kariya with Sister Silva!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sister Smith and Avarell are moving, so I am bummed about that, but it will be awesome. There will just be 2 Elders and 2 Sisters in our area. I love this area and the people we are teaching so much it would break my heart to leave. So I will be here for Christmas and everything. Can you believe I have been out for 6 months? I only have 1 year left. It is the freakiest thing how much time is flying by. I wish I could just stay here forever. My Japanese still isn`t that great, but I love these people soooooo much. 
The people we are teaching are doing so awesome! They are each learning so much and progressing so much. Because the other sisters are leaving, we are taking all of their investigators too so we are going to be so crazy busy this transfer. We had a really cool experience last week with Mayumi.  I was helping her with some of her English stuff and we were just talking. She seriously is going to be one of my lifelong best friends. I LOVE HER. But I felt like I needed to talk about patriarchal blessings and the blessings and guidance we receive because of it. She thought for a minute and then she was like "I WANT THAT. I WANT THIS." So we invited her to be baptized next month.  She believes it and I know that a miracle can happen and she will be ready for next month! Yesterday we did am FHE with our Suzuki San's family (minus the dad) and the Sugiuras.. It was so much fun and it is amazing how much the kids love the missionaries.   ANYWAY.... I think that in the next few months she will be baptized if she can get time to come to church. All of the people we teach are seriously doing so awesome.

We went to a Korean barbecue last week with Sefa (who is a pro rugby player from Tonga) and his wife Simmy. It is like an all you can eat meat place. Sister Silva always says that she wants to be big and wants to get fat. So this guy is seriously the size of the hulk and he said okay- you eat what I eat. Hahaha I was trying all the new things and it was so yummy but there was this pepper I ate that was so hot I was balling and couldn`t taste anything for the rest of the night. We honestly have the coolest people in our ward and our area. 

THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Time is flying by and I am just trying to live up every moment. I am so grateful to be in the most incredible place in the world! 

Sister Crofts
Knocking doors! 
Sister Silva reacts to Brazilian chocolates sent by Crofts Family
Awesome package sent by Ward YW
Sister Crofts, Avarell & Smith
FHE with the coolest people ever
All the missionaries surprised Sister Ishikawa shimai with treats for her birthday. 
Hanai Miyuki Shimai, Miyachi Shimai and some friends celebrating Sister Avarells birthday! 
Yummy ramen! 
Korean Barbecue. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. 

FHE with Suzuki San and the Sugiuras:)
Inori chan:) 
Just admiring my legs. 

Bobadilla Shimai invited us to Migeul's birthday and we brought Mayumi along:) 

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