Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Family-
I hope all is going well! I can`t believe that KRisty could be getting her mission call sometime this week. I am dying over the anticipation. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the shoes, I really do appreciate them. They are perfect for the rain and have been such a blessing.
 Sister Smith has been super sick and had to go to the hospital last week. She is maybe getting an MRI tomorrow, so I have spent a lot of time studying Japanese this week, which is good and exactly what I need with end of the transfer coming up.
A former investigator of our area who comes to eikaiwa invited us to lunch this last week. She took us to this insanely nice restaurant and it was the fanciest thing I have seen in months. It was super yummy. We talked and got to know her and then we asked how she came into contact with the missionaries. SHe had met the missionaries through housing and she was curious about what they had to say. THey told her that god had a body like us and she was like, well that makes sense. THey showed her a picture of GOd when he appeared to Joseph SMith and she thought `well how can he be my father when he is white?` Her story was really interesting and she said that our doctrine makes sense to her, she just doesn`t like that we don`t believe in other religions our other peoples Gods. Elder Tsukamoto said, well you can ask God directly, you don`t have to take it from us. She said, well that`s true. BUt what was really awesome is she said, `you young people are in your prime, yet you are here in Japan teaching about this church. I am always blown away by the sacrifices of missionaries. So even though I don`t believe in your church, I think it is admirable that you people are here among the poeple of Japan trying to make it a better place and make people feel happiness. So I always take the missionaries out to lunch because you each spend 2 years constantly serving others to be rejected. SO I feel like this is a way I can kind of return the favor.` Isn`t it awesome how much missionaries have had an impact on her? Even if she doesn`T believe it is true, she has seen the example.
We ended up dropping one of our investigators last week.. We met with her for lunch and shared a message with her and asked if we could teach more. THe Spirit was so strong.. And she said that she isn`t ready yet. SO ultimately she chose, and we ended on good terms. We can just spend our time elsewhere.
Me and Grant SHimai went on splits this week, you KNOW that`s always an adventure. Hahaha. We hadn`t realized that it was so hard to order food. SO we had quite the interesting experience at the restaurant we went to. We had absolutely no idea what was going on. We went and taught a few lessons at less actives adn members houses and they were honestly really good. I was able to understand everything the member said because she is so expressive when she talks. I had no idea at the less active though... I just shook my head, said `hai` and `so desu ne`.. At least we both feel the same way! We totally got lost and I tried to pull someone over and ask for directions. She understood my question... But I have no idea what she said to me. She pointed in a general direction and so I just said.. "THAT WAY." hahaha.
Takemoto san is doing REALLY AWESOME. SHe is praying and reading the book of mormon and it is honestly incredible to see the change in her. SHe feels peace. SHe is happy. SHe is relying on GOd through her hard times. Man, I am so proud of her. GOd loves her so much.
Today there was a typhoon in our mission. We got a text form the honbu saying that we need to stay inside and that it`s dangerous etc etc..;... We had to go get some stuff done, that was normally like 10 minutes away. It was torrential DOWN POUR outside and it was super windy. SO we were trying to ride our bikes in this nonsense and my poor tiny companion kept getting blown over. So we figured walking would be best. As we were trying to get to this store, every semi truck known to man decided it was necessary to drive right past us. So they`d come and this giant wave of freezing, cold, water with it. We got SOAKED by every single one. Me and SMith Shimai would just turn to each other, bust up laughing and say SERIOUSLY?? Hahaha it was so funny, but probalby not the smartest thing. We were so wet. I am still freezing because we were that wet. I am thinking I might need to buy a different rain jacket. The one that I brought unfortunately soaks up a lot of the water, so all of my clothes were soaked There are some for super cheap- like 10 bucks.  I also bought rain pants because my skirt is always drenched. I have ended up having to buy a lot of stuff in Japan! I made quite possibly the best purchase of my life- an electronic dictionary! Last transfer of course.. Every missionary has one and usuallyu pays about 280 for the one I got? Me being the Crofts I am bought it for 220! So I got a good deal. It was expensive, but it really helps me to understand what is going on and find the most up to date and detailed definition. DIctionaries save lives. I also bought a backpack for 42 dollars. It was probably the 2nd best purchase of my life. It is really good quality and has a cover I can put over it for when it rains. It holds so much more, and even though I loved my brown bag, it is more realistic for every day missionary life. It is a lot easier on my back too. Could you possibly let me know how much is in my account right now? I probalby should have written that down before, I just have no idea.
My english is getting SO TERRIBLE. My spelling and grammar are the pits, and that was honestly something I felt like I was pretty good at before my mission. I am so afraid that what I say in English doesn`T make sense anymore. SO please bare with me.. If possible correct them please?:):)
Nagano is going to become a 2 sisters 2 elders area I guess again? SO it will be interesting to see how transfers go here soon. My trianer and lots will be free again, so I am praying that they can just train so I don`t have to!! :) I hope that God wouldn`t want to put my bean through so much suffering. A girl can dream.
Last week we went to the post office. A worker was super stoked to see us when we walked in. We usually talk to her and are really friendly, but it was more so than usual. SO we left the post office and she came running out after us. She said "I`m sorry this is so irrelevant, but I want you to teach me English, I want to be your friend!" She was so cute and we felt like it was a tender mercy from God. We had just dropped our investigator and that happened. We are so blessed. WE met with her on Saturday and it went really well! We are meeting with her again this week. SHe has a lot of potential to be a good investigator, she is 23. SUper excited to see how it turns out.
Well, i love you! Please write me... You have no idea how much it helps on the hard days. Even if you just wrote "I love you" and that`s it.. It means the world. :) The church is true!! God is watching over every aspect of this work. Helaman 10*4-6. Sometimes I don`t know what God wants me to do, but if I am dilligent he will bless me. He has promised me that. Even if I might not make a difference in the people`s lives I talk to everyday, I am making a difference in mine. I have no doubt that God is always looking out for me. He is proud of me,a dn will give me His help as I need it.
Much love,
Sister Crofts

 successfully ordering my first meal without sister smith to help me!

                                  Japanese English is hilarious. It brings me so much happiness
The mother daughter awkward photo. 

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