Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 19, 2013 letter
Konnichiwa my family!
 I hope all is going well! Transfers are this coming Monday, so I most likely will stay in Nagano with sister Smith, but you never know. I really hope I stay here because I have so much to do. This week has been awesome. Miracles are REAL. People are prepared and we are so lucky to be able to be part of it.
This week is Obon in Japan. So there are parties galore adn everyone spends time with their families. On wednesday night we went to a matsuri (party) with one of our potential investigators. They do this dance around a tycho drum and so we went and joined and I have never felt so awkward in my lifae. of course we were the only foreigners there so everyone stared at us and was like *what are they doing here?!?!* hahaha it was so fun. Who knew we had so much grace. I was just this awkward american who towered over everyone. So there was this lady at this fish pond at teh end of teh night. I went up to her and told her how skilled she was at catching them. She was so surprised by my japanese and then she replied in english. I was like WHOA. YOU ARE FLUENT IN ENGLISH. So we start talking and I find out that she lived in arizone and then she asked why I am here (i love that question). I told her I am a missionary, I do service, teach eikaiwa, but most importantly teach about jesus christ. She asked me *where is your church?* so i pull out a pamphlet and she asks about what we do on Sunday. She is like *oh, could I join your service on Sunday?* WHAT> (that never happens, we have to drag people to churc) I say OF COURSE> and I find out she is a single mother and super busy. I just started testifyi8ng and have never felt the spirit that strong. She was like *do you think this will help me?* Ohhhh... yeahhh... THat was a miracle. All of the missionaries were just staring at me and they said *crofts shimai, how the heck do you do it?* I am so blessed.
We had several lessons with investigators this week, they all speak in funky dialects and I didn:t understand anything they said. It was awesome, but we are getting in contact wiht them and trying to get them to progress.
We went to matsumoto castle as a district today, so I don:t have a lot of time. But I want you to know how much I love this work. Miracles are real. We have the truth. We have a Savior. God knows us personally and helps us at all times. I love you so much!
Crofts Shimai

Our futons!
View from a members house. 

When Nori san tries to help and touches your back and arms= whole new levels of discomfort and awkard. It took a while to explain that I'm a missionary and that's a big no no. 

Nagano zone! 
A hot summers day! 
A really fun Matsuri at Zenkoji with Takemoto san and the other missionaries. 

Nagano District! District activity to Matasumoto Castle. 

We earned our stripes. Sister missionary tan lines!

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