Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 11, 2013
Dear Kazoku,
This week has been another awesome week in the MTC! Time is FLYING BY. I cannot believe I have been here for about a month and this Saturday I reach my halfway point. It is kind of scaring me. I am wondering how muhc Japanese I really do know. I had the most INCREDIBLE experience the other day. You know how we teach our investigators every day? So it's hard and stressfulk, but it's awesome because it helps me to better prepare for reality: THE FIELD. Usually in our lessons I know the words and can get a few broken sentences out. The investigator can usually understand what I am saying, but sometimes not. So the Spirit was already so strong (which is interesting because it is not even a real investigator- so it's crazy that the Spirit works so powerfully in the lessons), we were having a difficult time explaining about the importance of following Christ. (She said I am happy now, why do I need Jesus Christ). There was this beautiful moment where my heart was literally on fire. I was speaking and I had NO IDEA what I said. I knew the words that were coming out of my mouth were true and that she needed to know what I said, but it was NOT ME TALKING. I finished what I said and she was kind of speechless. I FORMED PERFECTLY WORDED SENTENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a miracle. Japanese bumpo (grammar) is so muzakashi (hard/difficult) (Sorry I am trying to be better at "speaking my language") She committed to reading the BOM and following what we had to say. THe rest of the day my whole chest was just going to explode. I had been an instrument to the Lord! I know people say stories like that all the time, but I never really believed or understood the reality of the gift of tongues. IT'S REAL. Although I was only able to spout out a couple sentences, it was so powerful. I still can't wrap my mind around how amazing it felt. Obviously I needed that way more than my investigator did. God will give me the strength that I need. He will help me say what HE wants me to say. If I work hard and really devote my all to this, I can learn it. I don't know how, I just know that in the strength of the Lord I can. I dream of fluency in Nihongo, but my priority is fluency in the Spirit. Nothing is mroe precious than my relationship with Heavenly Father. I am constantly recevingin tender mercies to keep me going. Ahhh.. I am just so humbled that He would allow me to experience what being a direct instrument in His hands feels like. I've only been out for a month, and I know that I have many muzukashi (hard/difficult) times to come, but God will help me.
I have the coolest opportunity at the end of June, the 23rd! At the mission president conference, Pres Monson and Boyd K Packer and some of the twelve will be here. They are forming a MASSIVE choir to sing missionary songs to videos I guess? So it will be on and I want to say it's on tv and I'm pretty sure it's open to the public.They will have videos filmed from all over the world of misisonary work and then what we sing will be the background music. So record it.... I doubt you'll be able to see me because I'll be in the choir, but it would still be awesome! I'll give you more details when I have them. Anyway there are like 1,400 missionaries and then a bunch of members. It is going to be incredible.
The MTC is PACKED. There are record breaking numbers and everything is so crowded. I see Elder Tafunai all the time, we'll have to get a pic. This Tuesday our devotional will be held at the MARRIOT CENTER because there is no way for us to fit everyone in the standard devotional place. It's the first time EVER and it's absolutely incredible. I honestly feel like I am part of the Army of Helaman. "I am now the Lord's missionary to bring the world His truth." Love it.
We have another income of Nihonjin that came in today! There are 12 sisters and only 4 Elders. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! Our branch is the original Japanese branch so we are the lucky ones who get to have them with us all the time. I am going to SYL it UP. Last transfer I was terrified to talk to them because they talk sooooooooooo fast and I don't speak Japanese and it's always super kimazui (awkward) to just say "HAI" and nodd after everything they say... Hahahahaha. But I now realize.... This is my TIME to get comfortable with not knowing what anybody is saying, because here in a little over a month I am not going to have any idea what ANYONE is saying... Might as well get used to it right? THis one Elder in my district always just smiles, nodds and says "wakarimasen" (I don't understand) to everything in his lessons while his comp does all the talking. Hahahahaa it's so funny. He always says "shinpai shinai desu" (don't worry). I wasn't feeling to hot on Sunday night and one of the ELders gave me a blessing. It was crazy because he actually said something from my patriarchal blessing and I felt immediately better. It was sooooo cool. Gosh I love the priesthood.
Well, i'm loving the MTC. Keep me posted on the outside world. I have NO idea what is going on. I get little glimmers here and there, but that's about it. I am so stoked for all of the people with their mission calls! Krist, when do your friends start coming in? I'll have to keep my eye out for them.
I love you family! Have so much fun for me in Florida and send me tons of pictures. Get me some cool souvenieres too!!!!! Kristy, please don't have a heart attack at Harry Potter world, I really want to see you alive when I get back. ;) You are in my prayers. Aishitte imasu!
Devotional at the Marriot Center! 
The army of Helaman. 

Crofts Shimai

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